The Mission of the AFREA is to create the conditions for REAs to be successful and sustainable, and to support REAs in becoming best practice organizations.


Who's Who in the Electricity Zoo


The AFREA has been busy keeping up with developments in the electricity sector and advocating on behalf of our member REAs.

Another Amazing Charity Golf Classic

Our Federation Charity Golf Classic donation total climbs to over $280,000! 

"Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much" ~ Helen Keller

Co-ops working together are proof that collaboration brings bigger rewards.

What happens to Alberta farms when cities sprawl?

Any Albertan who drives the Calgary-Edmonton corridor has witnessed firsthand the spectacular unfolding of development around Alberta’s major cities.

REA Business: The Power of Knowing

How well does your REA Board and your membership know one another? The data suggests you don’t know one another well. What data are we citing? Well, let’s start with attendance at your Annual General Meeting (AGM).

Building Social Value

Societal Pillars - Social, Environmental, and Economic

Key Component in building Social Value = REAs are an active and visible part of their Community

Rural Power - First Co-ops Catch Hold

Think about it. Think about it - light bulbElectricity. What a wonderful thing! We flip a switch or push a button and power up our world - at work, home, play, inside and out, the convenience of power is all around us.

Country Power - Stories from Alberta History

Country Power ~ The Electrical Revolution in Rural Alberta 

Electrification forever changed the face of agriculture in Alberta. Sharing the stories keeps the history alive.

The Value of an REA

The Value of Rural Electrification Associations in Alberta

What Heritage do you want to pass on to the next generation?