The Mission of the AFREA is to create the conditions for REAs to be successful and sustainable, and to support REAs in becoming best practice organizations.


Donating to a Cause

Well, of course, they couldn't deposit the BIG cheque - it wouldn't fit in the bank machine! So the Federation girls, Dawn Dietz (FedGas) and Janeth Mitchell (AFREA), delivered the cashable version in person to the MS Society of Canada - AB & NWT Division. Dr.

Building Social Value

Societal Pillars - Social, Environmental, and Economic

Key Component in building Social Value = REAs are an active and visible part of their Community

Rural Power - First Co-ops Catch Hold

Think about it. Think about it - light bulbElectricity. What a wonderful thing! We flip a switch or push a button and power up our world - at work, home, play, inside and out, the convenience of power is all around us.

Country Power - Stories from Alberta History

Country Power ~ The Electrical Revolution in Rural Alberta 

Electrification forever changed the face of agriculture in Alberta. Sharing the stories keeps the history alive.